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About Us

Welcome to

The Advantage family!

To all our new and returning athletes and families, we’re thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with you. At Advantage Soccer Academy, we’re dedicated to nurturing your passion and helping you gain the ‘ADVANTAGE’ on your road to soccer excellence. 

Our History

The Advantage Soccer Academy was founded in 2003 by Janet Albert. Advantage is designed to move players forward in a systematic and creative way.  Advantage is not a club, but an Academy where players can receive quality training to advance their own technical abilities which can then be used to take the game to new levels!

"Sports are most rewarding when the judge of skill and the definer of challenge is the individual athlete. That is when the athlete receives two rewards: the joy of participating and the satisfaction of learning to know oneself." Ewing & Seefeldt (1990, p. 6)

What We Believe
We consider ball mastery the foundation for freedom and greatness on the soccer field. Focusing on ball mastery prepares our athletes to engage in the game with confidence, creativity, and skill. This foundation paves the way for the advanced concepts critical for developing a well-rounded, strategic player at the highest level.
Fluency of Idea

The ability to generate a large number of ideas for one problem.


The ability to adjust to the situation effectively-playing simply or creating an original way out


Expressing oneself to come up with novel solutions to common problems.

Training players in ball mastery allows them to be more creative in the decision making process as they advance as soccer players. From the very young players to the elite Player, Advantage Soccer Academy will enhance athlete’s performance, motivation, and the desire to reach the highest level possible.